YouTube Traffic Secrets – How to Channel Floods of YouTube Traffic in Your Direction!

The popularity of video sharing websites, the massive hits and page views that they receive, etc. is all very well documented. What is not is the fact that you have the power to redirect that traffic in a direction of your choice! It could be your own website, that of the affiliate you market for…just about anyone or anything. Simply follow the following tips to assist you in your efforts towards redirecting YouTube traffic.

Tip 1: Synergize Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

Assuming you are already running your own affiliate marketing business successfully. With YouTube and online video sharing, you in fact have the power to combine your existing affiliate marketing business with video sharing. What you could essentially do is, create an interesting and exciting video around the products or services that you are promoting. Give the description of your offering in the textual content around the video. You will yourself be amazed at the sudden surge of interest in your offering.

Tip 2: Embed Your URL in the Video

Right through the video, or in the beginning or towards the end, you could in fact have the URL of your website featured. That would in turn have a positive, spiral effect on the hits on your own website. Additionally, those unfamiliar with you or what you have to offer, would gain that much needed familiarity.

Tip 3: Encourage Reposting

Display the actual URL of your video prominently, alongside the video. That way, enthusiastic viewers could bookmark the link and easily keep coming back. They could also copy paste the link and put it in their social networking profiles, blogs, etc. If the requisite code is provided along with the actual URL, viewers could also embed your video in a destination of their choice.

Tip 4: Watermark Your Videos

That way you will not only promote your website as well as your own self, your videos will also get certified as your product. Since capabilities for downloading videos from video sharing websites have been suitably built, you would even be protecting yourself this way, from potential piracy. It would also serve as a sort of marketing and branding tool for you, since you could do the watermarking in a certain, distinctive way.

As you would have figured out by now, redirecting YouTube traffic in a direction of your choice is not that difficult after all!

Network Marketing – Offer Training Before They Sign Up

I think every network marketer out there has had someone express interest in their business and then come follow up time, the person has vanished off the planet. You’ve had this happen, right?

Instead of hoping they’ll be around when you follow up, why not begin their training just as soon as they express an interest in your business?

I’ve seen people use both free auto-responders and also paid auto-responders. My personal choice has always been Aweber.

What if you sent messages for the next year following their request? Wow, that’s a lot of information being given to a prospective team member. That’s a lot of training showing this person why joining you, your team and your company is the best choice.

My suggestion is to offer one message ever four days for the first few months, then switch to once a week, then once every other week and finally once a month. As long as the person stays subscribed, they are still a potential team member.

Your trainings can include many different topics:

1. Product information
2. Company information
3. Selling tips
4. Recruiting tips
5. Book recommendations
6. Communication information
7. Catalog information
8. Website information
9. Marketing information
10. Customer tips and ideas

These are just ten suggestions for the types of information you can share with potential team members the first year you know them.

I also suggest sharing some personal information. People like to connect with people. People like to do business with those they know and trust. If you don’t share personal information people won’t know you or know the common ground they share with you.

Offer training before someone ever joins your group. It’s one more way to be unique and build your network marketing team.

Network Marketing – The First Step to Success

When it comes to network marketing many people have no idea how to start and get their business going. The online sense of direction they get is not the best of advice and is not a surprise why 99% of those who try network marketing for the first time quit. These people have the devotion and hunger to make their network marketing business work but the one missing thing is guidance on where to go and what to do. Eventually you learn from doing stuff and from building experience but in the beginning everyone can use a sense of direction.

Based on my experience I will let you in on a secret. That’s right a secret way to achieve success. It is pretty simple really it all starts by taking the first step. Now you are probably wondering what the first step is well I have taken the time to write down what the first step to network marketing success is so I suggest to pay close attention.

Step#1 Develop A Vision

When you write down and know exactly where you want to end up in the business after a certain time and put down all that you wish to accomplish when that time expires. This is what I call developing a vision of where you want to be. This is the first step in creating sense of direction and making it a priority to always have in your mind your vision. This vision has to motivate you it has to make you want to achieve whatever you seek to achieve. It is said that when one knows where one is going then it is easier to get there.

If you start your business without any sort of vision you will without a doubt reach a point where you will quit. You must understand how crucial and important of a step this is to your whole network marketing business. This is what I refer to as a good foundation and a great building block to start your business on the right track.

Omar Negron is a 21 year old internet marketer who is student of attraction marketing and teaches hidden techniques on how to market your business on the internet.

Using Blogs For Your Network Marketing Business

Blogs are a wonderful way to increase knowledge about you, the network marketing company you represent and the products you sell.

With a blog, you can go in many different directions and you can have more than one blog.

You can have a blog that answers questions about the business opportunity. This would be an informational blog that you could send prospects to who wanted to view your most frequently asked questions. This blog can be updated for current sign-up specials, activation specials or any other start-up information for someone considering joining the company.

Another blog can be set up with product information. Again, this would be an information only blog where you could post as much information as you have on each product. Then when someone asks about a product, you can send them right to the post written about that product. You can use this blog to announce sales, special items and introduce new products.

You can have another blog that attracts potential customers and potential team members to you. Who is your potential customer? What interests them? What do they want to read about? This is what you’ll want to write about in this blog. You’ll want your comments open to make the conversation interactive.

Many people create personal blogs that journal the days of their lives. Personal blogs often create common ground friendships. For example, if your blog indicates the city and state you are from, often you’ll find other people who are local to you. If you blog about your hobbies, you’ll often find others who share your same interest. If you share likes and dislikes, you’ll find others who have the same opinions. Personal blogs are wonderful for personal connections.

All blogs should have sidebar information about your business. My blogs all have a button to my business website, a link to follow me on Twitter and a link to friend request me on Facebook.

My blogs also have links to each of my other blogs. It is my goal to connect with as many people as possible via my blogs.