5 Reasons to Use Dynamics 365 Calendar for Your Business

Time is money. Managing time is the key to a successful business. And for effective time management, we plan tasks, activities, meetings, and whatnot. So that, at the end of the day, we achieve the most out of it. The point is we plan our day to save time and increase productivity. But what if the “time” we are trying to save is going behind planning those things.

Say for example, if updating one task or activity in your CRM takes 5 minutes of your time. So if you have 10 tasks to do, it will take 50 minutes. Now if you plan to update those tasks in the calendar it will again cost 50 minutes of your time. The point is, all the planning for time-saving is not working here. Just assigning and updating tasks is taking a lot of time.

You can solve this problem with a Dynamics 365 calendar plugin. This tool is something every business needs. Now onwards, you don’t need to waste time adding things manually to your calendar. This calendar seamlessly syncs with your CRM so that you save time from such repetitive tasks.

Do you want to know more about this plugin and how it can benefit your business? Keep reading.

Easy Activity and Resource Management
Have you ever faced challenges while scheduling meetings? Or say have you faced any issue of inviting someone for a meeting who already has one scheduled for the same slot? I know your answer will be a big fat YES!!

But not anymore. With Dynamics 365, it becomes easy to manage activities and schedule meetings, plan appointments, assign to-do tasks for yourself or team members, etc. In addition to this, you can add birthdays, events, and work anniversaries of your employees to your calendar.

Dynamics 365 calendar lets you view your employee’s work and meeting schedules. So, while approving leave or scheduling a meeting, you can go through their assigned tasks and schedules and then take decisions accordingly.

Quick Sharing
Dynamics 365 calendar allows sharing calendars with your team members. With this calendar, you can view the tasks and schedules of your team members. This enhances team collaboration and productivity. So, no need to ask questions while planning any tasks or activities. Just view the calendars of your team members and plan accordingly.

Total Customization
Default settings are boring, aren’t they? What if I say you can customize your calendar. Cool, isn’t it! Change of color, different views of lists, graphs, and more. You can customize the template the way you like, and your personalized dashboard is ready.

Adding different pieces of information like activities and tasks of customers to your calendar can make it messy and confusing. This dynamics calendar plugin allows you to create multiple calendars. A separate calendar for customers will ensure you don’t miss or repeat any tasks of yours.

Haven’t we all missed or were late at meetings because we forgot or weren’t notified about it in time. Well, after integrating dynamics calendar plugin, you won’t miss any meetings. Based on your preference, it will remind you by sending notifications on screen or by email.

Multilingual Support
If some of your team members are not very comfortable with the language used in the calendar then they will not be able to use it appropriately. With Dynamics 365 calendar, you can have multiple language support. This will give freedom to your team members to create their calendars in their preferred language. This will help them describe the task well and have clarity in their work.

Seamless Integration With CRM
Usually, you mark your tasks open, complete, close in your CRM. Now, what if you forget to update your calendar? The next day it will create confusion while going through your to-do list. But not with Dynamics 365 Calendar. It seamlessly integrates with your CRM. So when you update the status of your tasks on either platform, it gets updated in both of them.

Besides this, you can check the status of your tasks from the calendars. So, no need to access CRM while making schedules or assigning tasks. You can quickly check the current status and plan your day accordingly.

Wrapping up
The Dynamics 365 calendar plugin will surely help you manage and remind tasks, meetings, and all that is important to you and your business. We hope you find this article helpful in understanding how this calendar is helpful to your business.

Five chef tested tools to improve your grilling game

From tongs to thermometers, these five chef-tested tools will help you take your grilling skills to the next level! Don’t forget to wear a chef shirt and bib apron when grilling, to save your clothes from those splashing oils and sauces (and look like a pro chef at the same time!).

Tongs: Tongs are a must-have for any griller. They are perfect for flipping burgers, chicken, steak, and more. Look for tongs that have a long handle so you can keep your hands away from the heat.

Thermometer: A good thermometer is key to ensuring your food is cooked perfectly every time. There are many different types of thermometers available, so be sure to choose one that is suitable for your needs. For meat lovers, a probe thermometer is a great option as it allows you to track the temperature of your food right down to the bone.

Spatula: A spatula is another essential tool for any griller. It is perfect for scraping up those delicious bits of food that stick to the grill, and it can also be used to flip burgers and chicken. Be sure to choose a spatula with a long handle so you don’t have to get too close to the heat.

Basting brush: A basting brush is a must-have for grilling vegetables or brushing on sauce during the cooking process. Look for one made from silicone as it is heat-resistant and will not damage your grill.

Grill brush: A grill brush is necessary for keeping your grill clean. It is important to keep your grill in good condition so that your food doesn’t taste like metal or charcoal. Choose a grill brush with soft bristles so you don’t damage the surface.

These are five chef tested tools that will help take your grilling game up a notch this summer!

Guide to Raise Capital with Different Types of Startup Funding

The startup is one of the most trending terms that refer to the initial stages of a business. Here the investment is also an essential term attracting outside investments with the right available options. For the successful establishment of any business, it is essential to have sufficient funding to start and grow with time. Startup founders must also understand the market perspectives and requirements. The ability is to obtain desired funding with available options for the start and growth of a business as desired.

What are the different funding options?

This can be a daunting task to obtain the right available funds for a startup. Things should be done with the right available knowledge and the right kind of funding to meet basic business needs with a startup monitoring service. Funding options can be categorized into many different types depending upon different factors. All you need thinking about the current situation and deciding the type of funding suiting the best.


It is known as a practice of raising funds from multiple different funders. It provides an opportunity to raise startup funding for businesses promoting products and services. Running a crowdfunding campaign is not that tough requires setting up a crowdfunding website profile. All a user needs to describe is the business as per requirements and the amount of money that needs to raise.

Interested people can donate the campaign and profit share for the business as per their specific interests. The right strategy to run such a campaign is providing details about services and products and offering rewards against donations. It is known as one of the most reliable and does not involve any kind of ownership measures. All an entrepreneur needs providing offers regarding products and services.

Crowdfunding campaigns are done with building a community with the product and service-specific interests as desired. Here the most frequent term is equity crowdfunding used for selling stocks and utilizing strict compliances. Crowdfunding campaigns can be done by managing charges and fees as per the requirements of funds.

Angel investors

Angel investor is a funding option that helps to invest for businesses in the early stages utilizing ownership interests to a business. Here are some specific facts to know about funding from angel investors. The quality of interest, commitment, integrity, and passion are specific measures involved in the process. Here it also involves company potentials and market opportunities as per the requirements.

A clearly outlined business objective and traction towards the plan helps obtain relatable measures. Technology and intellectual property are also essential terms involved in the process. This is done with an appropriate valuation of the business and managing reasonable terms with the viability of raising funds as desired.

Venture capitals

Startup financing can also be done with venture capital firms helps aid startup businesses. They help provide strategic assistance, capital, introducing customers and partners, etc. This is a financing option that can be easily obtained. Providing investments in startup businesses utilizes opportunities for growth and potential.

A venture capital investment can be done utilizing focus areas and alignment with different stages of development. Here the key point to check and understand is determining investment opportunity. The way to manage attention is through trusted colleagues and professional acquaintances. A startup must also have a proper understanding of the venture financing process with follow-up conversations.

Here key points involved in venture financing are company valuation, knowing investment amount, investment forms, liquidation, approvals, etc. They utilize rights in participating in financing and determining requirements of founder stocks. Venture capital investment funds cover a whole range of rights over your business and finance ownership.

Business loans

Business loans are done with alternative and traditional lending options available for you. They help in the growth of business with development, expansion, marketing efforts, etc. This includes a whole new range of loan financing options depending upon the length and needs of a specific business as per requirements.

A business line of credit is helpful in accessing funds as per requirements from potential lenders. This includes a capital amount and a line of credit option to manage expenses and cash flow within the company. This includes some fees to set up a line of credit and charge of interests drawing don funds as required.

Here account receivable is another line of credit option a facility securing receivables. Another frequently used financing option is known as business term loans used for financing operations. Providing finance to business operations the repayable term is around 6 months- 3 years as per loan requirements and measures. This can be categorized in to secured and unsecured terms an interest amount depends on fixed or variable measures.

Final notes

Every business has different perspectives, measures, and requirements. They utilize different funding solutions helpful for business growth and comfort requirements with startup plan preparation India. A financial advisor analysis and recommendations can be helpful in obtaining the right available solutions. Whenever it comes to making financial decisions right for your requirement focusing on business perspective and specific requirements can help a lot.

YouTube Traffic Secrets – How to Channel Floods of YouTube Traffic in Your Direction!

The popularity of video sharing websites, the massive hits and page views that they receive, etc. is all very well documented. What is not is the fact that you have the power to redirect that traffic in a direction of your choice! It could be your own website, that of the affiliate you market for…just about anyone or anything. Simply follow the following tips to assist you in your efforts towards redirecting YouTube traffic.

Tip 1: Synergize Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

Assuming you are already running your own affiliate marketing business successfully. With YouTube and online video sharing, you in fact have the power to combine your existing affiliate marketing business with video sharing. What you could essentially do is, create an interesting and exciting video around the products or services that you are promoting. Give the description of your offering in the textual content around the video. You will yourself be amazed at the sudden surge of interest in your offering.

Tip 2: Embed Your URL in the Video

Right through the video, or in the beginning or towards the end, you could in fact have the URL of your website featured. That would in turn have a positive, spiral effect on the hits on your own website. Additionally, those unfamiliar with you or what you have to offer, would gain that much needed familiarity.

Tip 3: Encourage Reposting

Display the actual URL of your video prominently, alongside the video. That way, enthusiastic viewers could bookmark the link and easily keep coming back. They could also copy paste the link and put it in their social networking profiles, blogs, etc. If the requisite code is provided along with the actual URL, viewers could also embed your video in a destination of their choice.

Tip 4: Watermark Your Videos

That way you will not only promote your website as well as your own self, your videos will also get certified as your product. Since capabilities for downloading videos from video sharing websites have been suitably built, you would even be protecting yourself this way, from potential piracy. It would also serve as a sort of marketing and branding tool for you, since you could do the watermarking in a certain, distinctive way.

As you would have figured out by now, redirecting YouTube traffic in a direction of your choice is not that difficult after all!